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My team is amazing here at CMR and I couldn't be prouder of them at any time especially right now when they are directly in the limelight. Yesterday I received two glowing testimonials from clients after receiving their websites and today our company is on the front page of our Madisonville Messenger newspaper due to our recent publication in Ratchet+Wrench Magazine May 2016 edition. They do a great job every day and it's great to have our community's support. Thank you Laura Buchanan for such a great front page article! 

Marion M Miller, President
Zackary Boarman,
IT & Programming
Katherine Stanley, Graphics & Website Design Director
Sara McMahon, Graphics & Website Design
Lisa Miller, Administrative Assistant
Trey McNary, Alec Peeples,  & Stephen Flowers: Data Entry & Website Design Assist

Article per Madisonville Messenger:

Local advertising group featured in national magazine

By Laura Buchanan Messenger Staff Writer This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. | Posted: Friday, May 27, 2016 12:00 am | Article Link Online

When a nationwide magazine reporter contacted the president of a Madisonville-based marketing agency for a few online advertising tips, the CEO thought she would get a token mention in a short blurb or two.

What she really got, however, was literally front page news.

"I almost had a heart attack," said Marion Miller, president and CEO of Complete Marketing Resources. "I thought, 'Dear God up in Heaven above!' "

Miller had been previously interviewed by Anna Zeck of Ratchet and Wrench Magazine, over what Miller believed were just simple do's and don'ts of designing an effective automotive website.

"She asked if I cared to give them some tips, and I said, 'Sure, I don't mind to help at all,' " Miller said. "I thought she might use some of the stuff that we talked about -- not a whole lot, but maybe some of it -- so I said if you do use it, just mention (CMR's) name in there and we would appreciate it."

When the May issue of Ratchet and Wrench arrived in the mail, Miller was in for a big surprise.

"I opened the mail that day and -- oh my God," she said. "It was a comprehensive article that made the cover. That's pretty big because they are the leading progressive magazine for the (automotive) shops.

"I guess we're an actual, real business now," she added, laughing. "I'm a big girl now."

The article, which quoted Miller on several online aspects, like maintaining updated, responsive websites and avoiding tedious keywords, stock photos and third-party URL addresses, is not Complete Marketing Resource's first stint with national recognition.

The team, which includes award winning graphic designer & website designer Kate Stanley, administrative assistant Lisa Miller, designer Alec Peeples, programmer Zack Boarman and data entry Trey McNary, designed the website for Newburgh-based Menke's Auto Repair.

That site was rated in November by AutoInc Magazine as being one of the nation's top 10 automotive websites of 2015.

"It is not often that you are in two magazines," Miller said, "let alone two of them in six months."

Miller said she plans to frame the issue and hang it on the wall of the office, which is located at The Morton House on Madisonville's Main Street.

CMR has been offering website design, commercial printing, advertising consulting, graphic design and online marketing services to area businesses for five years.  It now boasts 142 clients, with no signs of stopping, Miller said.

"This is like living a dream," she said. "When you work hard, have a dream and put one foot in front of the other, you look up one day and get to say, 'Oh my God.'"

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I am living the dream and enjoying every minute as owner and President of CMR, inc where my job is to make it EASY for your business to grow while decreasing costs! I have been very effective at doing both throughout my 21+ years of marketing experience because I believe in a strong work ethic, delivering on promises, and I always look at the expense as if I were paying the costs. I've worked in radio and had the pleasure of being the Marketing Director for West Kentucky Bank as they branched out over multiple counties building 3 new branches then as Marketing Director for Hudson Automotive with 6 vehicle lines in a tri-state market area. My next position was Sales Director for Commonwealth Broadcasting with 5 radio stations growing their sales over 8 years. In 2008, I built my first company,, a purely local online newspaper where I focused on search engine optimization and online marketing and was very successful with our news featured on CNN Nancy Grace, Nightline, Metro Nashville and Evansville TV stations, and picked up by We were ranked ONE in all search engines within 12 months. I left to launch Complete Marketing Resources in 2011 to provide a complete marketing - advertising approach delivering all products and services throughout my career. CMR inc has built some outstanding specialty programming products such as our CMR EasyNews as we focus on SEO which is focused on content. Adding articles in 3 steps with multiple photos, pdf files, and embedded youtube videos. There is no one size fits all so we customized our approach for your business. We are RECOMMENDED by JASPER Engines as well as SCAG for their customer websites which speaks volumes about our commitment to quality and customer service. Consider CMR for full marketing consulting, advertising placement, budget analysis, website design, custom graphics, specialty programming and commercial printing services. You will find my team is energizing, intuitive, proven, and we simply enjoy what we do! - Marion M Miller, President CMR, inc
Kate graduated from the University of Southern Mississippi in 2011 where she obtained a BFA in Graphic Design. Kate has numerous best of show and award winning work and is the real shining star behind the launch of this company, as with her all things are possible and are dynamic as well as intuitive. Her graphic design skill is exceptional and she has inspired me to keep moving forward and thinking ahead. I am proud to say she is my daughter as well. You will see her work in many of our projects. She also owns NPRO Studio in Natchez, Mississippi.
• 1st PLACE CPRAM • Brochure - Theatre Mailer
• BEST OF SHOW ADDY • "The Excursion"
• 1st PLACE ADDY • Mixed Media - "The Excursion"
• 1st PLACE CPRAM • viewbook - Admissions Travel Guide
• 2nd PLACE CPRAM • Single Entry Artwork - Theatre Season Posters
• 2nd PLACE CPRAM • Direct Mail Pieces - Admissions Direct Mail

Brittany recently relocated to Madisonville from South Mississippi to become CMR’s Administrative Assistant.

She attended Mississippi Gulf Coast Community College, pursuing a degree in the Medical field. Later, she decided that career path was not her true calling and decided to blaze her own trail.

Most recently she worked for a large Produce Farm in Mississippi. She oversaw Payroll and Human Resources for 300 employees. Along with her normal duties, she assisted in marketing and management of the Farms Agri-Tourism business. She also has a background in Graphic Design and worked for a Print Shop in Mississippi, creating logos, business cards and other items for companies.

She is very enthusiastic, hyper focused and looking forward to putting her creativity back to use.

Lisa Miller is a native of Hopkins County and a familiar face in Madisonville. Most recently, Lisa served as Public Information Officer for the Hopkins County Health Department. Previously, she was President of the Madisonville- Hopkins County Chamber of Commerce for 8 years. Lisa is a graduate of Western Kentucky University.
Alec has worked with me here at CMR Inc since we opened the doors and recently returns from teaching IT/Computer Science at Thewpaingarm School in Bangkok Thailand where he also worked remotely for CMR Inc. Alec has an adventurous spirit and brings a unique perspective to our team which helps us obtain creative results.
Zack graduated in 2014 from Western Kentucky University with a Bachelor of Science in CIT. From Programming to Technical Support there is no end to this man's talents. We are fortunate to have him on the team. Many of the custom sites in our portfolio have been created by Zack. What he does with our technical support for your business often goes unnoticed but is a crucial part of getting the job done. Every website project starts and ends at his desk. He is also the programmer behind our CMR Easy News Program, which makes it as easy as sending an email to add content and photos to your website.