25 Ways to Lose Business

Your business is important to us and your referral is even more so as it should be with any business.  What are the top 25 ways to lose business?   The easiest way is to not tell your customer the truth.  


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Marketing Tips: Frequency is Key

As noted by newspaper, television, and radio experts.  The key to getting your message to any given market is FREQUENCY.  It is always wise to plan any marketing strategy to ensure consistency in message, frequency, and key it to one dynamic message only.  Below is the basic rule of thumb for any message in the way it is received by an audience.


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CMR Launches New Look 8/1/12

circleThumbs6We build websites and determined to put a new spin to showcase our talent and products.  I  am proud of what the team has created to highlight the sharp graphics, great pricing, and truly great websites we create.  Our new website allows us to provide better services for our clients and the ability to market your their business within our website.  Always look at your business for new ideas and review your services - products.


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