Associated Engineers, Inc

Associated Engineers New Website Launched.  We are very honored to have worked with their team in getting this website up working as a reflection of their professional services.  With multiple offices and a host of Engineering Services being provided from the most complex imaginable to surveying farmland, their team can handle it.  I was amazed by the depth of their diversity and we will continue to work with them in getting the rest of their information categorized.  The site is quite comprehensive featuring news, services, job applications, and mapping as well as many other features.  We enjoyed working with David and Tim and look forward to moving forward with them both.  We still have a few finishing touches moving forward to add as but the project has launched and we are all really pleased with the results.  -  Thank you for putting your trust in CMR Inc for your Engineering Company Website Design - Hosting - Online Reputation Management.  See their website at:

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CMR Attends South Florida JASPER Awards Banquet

I was proud to be invited to attend the South Florida JASPER Awards Banquet which was well attended and exceptionally well done.   Taking time out of busy schedules to award those who have done exceptionally well while also providing tools to other participants to help them achieve the same goals is something we should all do more of.  These automotive shops work hard and deserved the honors and awards received and I must say that the facility was breathtaking. 

These three gentlemen did an amazing job - well done Robert, Andy & Dante!  I only wish my trip to Miami had lasted more than 24 hours!

Beautiful Downtown Snow

Some days you are thankful for the sunshine and others the snow is beautiful.  Every day I am thankful for the beautiful building our offices are in here at the Morton House in downtown Madisonville and my office view.  Today is no exception even with the snowfall.  Offices are open and you can expect great service today here at Complete Marketing Resources Inc!

- Marion M  Miller, President

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Hopkins County Sheriff Website

Newly Launched!  Hopkins County Sheriff Website
Sheriff Matt Sanderson asked for a website that would reflect the professional men and women who so proudly serve the Hopkins County Sheriff's Office.  I found quickly that the office is truly diverse and has several layers with many duties that we all remain unaware of as we travel our streets safely.  The sheer number of calls they answer as well as handling the taxes and working with ongoing Vice-Narcotics investigations in cooperation with the Madisonville Police Department as well as other City, County, State, and Federal agencies gave me a whole new appreciation for these men and women.  It has been a true pleasure to work with them through the project and I am honored to have been selected to do the job.  Their website features a real close look at our Hopkins County Sheriff's Office from Division Information - CCDW - Tax Information - Maps - Monthly Statistics - Photos - Quick Links - Crimestoppers Newest Video - Submit A Tip Program - Emergency News, Community News, Press Releases, Fallen Heroes that will feed into their Facebook - Quick Links - Community Links and so much more.

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CMR Website Voted Top 10 Automotive

I am very proud to announce that my team has received national recognition earning Top 10 Automotive Website 2016 by ASA's AutoInc Magazine on the criteria of being mobile-friendly, having a call to action, first impression and visual design, objective and purpose, consumer friendliness, technical usage, credibility and social media presence with for Menke's Auto Repair of Newburgh, IN.  The website and award was featured in their November/December issue.  *article information below.

I am honored to work with those who have a strong commitment to quality and excellence and to have our downtown Madisonville business recognized on a national level by a program like AutoInc Magazine which would not be possible without with the owners of Menke's, Verne and Barb, who spent so much time on the project.  Their standards are equally high and they devoted a considerable amount of time and effort to ensure everything was perfect.  Working with them helped us step up our efforts and learn more so that we can help other shops we work with and I thank them for choosing our team to work with. 

CMR Inc has worked with 93 garages since earning the recommendation of JASPER Engines & Transmissions for their Owner-Installers and that is another matter of pride for us as their products and history show them to be a strong company with high standards.  We learn something new daily from our garage owners and continue to build the program and brand.   We also have a great time helping them grow their businesses. 

"Sometimes, work isn't a job - it's an adventure!" - Marion M Miller, President

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I am living the dream and enjoying every minute as owner and President of CMR, inc where my job is to make it EASY for your business to grow while decreasing costs! I have been very effective at doing both throughout my 24+ years of marketing experience because I believe in a strong work ethic, delivering on promises, and I always look at the expense as if I were paying the costs. Today we have achieved many goals. TOP 20 Government Website 2016 with the Department of Labor & Department of Health & Human Resources in the same Top 20! TOP 10 Automotive Website for 2 years. The cover of Ratchet & Wrench Magazine and recommended by JASPER Engines who has been Number ONE in engine and transmission remanufacturing for 75 years to assist their automotive garage partners nationwide with their online marketing.

MY BACKGROUND: I've worked in radio as the sales & marketing manager for 6 radio stations, helped West Kentucky Bank branch out over multiple counties building 3 new facilities to become a top 10 financial institution in Kentucky and worked with an automotive dealership who had 6 vehicle lines in a tri-state market area. In 2008, I built my first company,, a purely local online newspaper focused on SEO and local news. We were featured on CNN Nancy Grace, Nightline, Metro Nashville and Evansville TV stations, and picked up by We were ranked ONE in all search engines within 9 months. I then sold my stock launching CMR inc June 2011 to provide a complete marketing - advertising option for those who do not have one.

CMR inc has built some outstanding specialty programming products such as our CMR EasyNews adding articles in 3 steps with multiple photos, pdf files, and embedded You Tube videos. There is no one size fits all so we customize our approach to fit your business. Consider CMR inc for full marketing consulting, advertising placement, budget analysis, website design, custom graphics, and specialty programming. I promise you will find my team is energizing, intuitive, proven, and we simply enjoy what we do! - Marion M Miller, President CMR, inc
Kate graduated from the University of Southern Mississippi in 2011 where she obtained a BFA in Graphic Design. Kate has numerous best of show and award winning work and is the real shining star behind the launch of this company, as with her all things are possible and are dynamic as well as intuitive. Her graphic design skill is exceptional and she has inspired me to keep moving forward and thinking ahead. I am proud to say she is my daughter as well. You will see her work in many of our projects. She is a board member and the Vice President in charge of all Graphics & Website Design here at CMR inc.

NOTE: Our mascot Noodle lives with her and keeps her straight!
• 1st PLACE CPRAM • Brochure - Theatre Mailer
• BEST OF SHOW ADDY • "The Excursion"
• 1st PLACE ADDY • Mixed Media - "The Excursion"
• 1st PLACE CPRAM • viewbook - Admissions Travel Guide
• 2nd PLACE CPRAM • Single Entry Artwork - Theatre Season Posters
• 2nd PLACE CPRAM • Direct Mail Pieces - Admissions Direct Mail

Brittany recently relocated to Madisonville from South Mississippi to become CMR’s Administrative Assistant - Customer Relationships - SMART List Professional.

She attended Mississippi Gulf Coast Community College, pursuing a degree in the Medical field. Later, she decided that career path was not her true calling and decided to blaze her own trail.

Most recently she worked for a large Produce Farm in Mississippi. She oversaw Payroll and Human Resources for 300 employees. Along with her normal duties, she assisted in marketing and management of the Farms Agri-Tourism business. She also has a background in Graphic Design and worked for a Print Shop in Mississippi, creating logos, business cards and other items for companies. She has moved into Kentucky to build a career in a growing company and to get married so it is the perfect Win - Win. We gain her talent and enthusiasm as well as a new family member as she married my son Blaine!

She is very enthusiastic, hyper focused and looking forward to putting her creativity back to use.

Lisa Miller is a native of Hopkins County and a familiar face in Madisonville. Most recently, Lisa served as Public Information Officer for the Hopkins County Health Department. Previously, she was President of the Madisonville- Hopkins County Chamber of Commerce for 8 years. Lisa is a graduate of Western Kentucky University and came home to be with her family after moving to Florida. She also has a thriving Professional Pet business so she works for us doing Data Entry because she simply enjoys working ALL the time! We love having her here!:
Alec has worked with me here at CMR Inc since we opened the doors and has a Bachelors in Music & Computer Science. He loves traveling and recently returned from teaching IT/Computer Science at Thewpaingarm School in Bangkok Thailand where he also worked remotely for CMR Inc for the entire time! You could say he's never left the fold! Alec has an adventurous spirit and brings a unique perspective to our team which helps us obtain creative results. You can give him any task and consider it done which is always amazing and to have his generous soul as part of the team is simply a bonus.
Zack graduated in 2014 from Western Kentucky University with a Bachelor of Science in CIT. From Programming to Technical Support there is no end to this man's talents. We are fortunate to have him on the team. Many of the custom sites in our portfolio have been created by Zack. What he does with our technical support for your business often goes unnoticed but is a crucial part of getting the job done. Every website project starts and ends at his desk. He is also the programmer behind our CMR Easy News Program, which makes it as easy as sending an email to add content and photos to your website.
After graduating from The University of Southern Mississippi with a B.I.S. in Graphic Design and Art, Sarah quickly landed a job with The University of Southern Mississippi as a graphic designer for University Communications. There she got real world experience in a design firm environment which included learning time management skills, client interaction, and endless opportunities to refine her own graphic style and knowledge. Over the years Sarah has freelanced for The University of Southern Mississippi, Textbook Brokers of Southern Miss, Wild Bill’s Boat Fresh Shrimp, Naphsha Entertainment, Applovin, Salomon, One Systems, The University of Tennessee, various national firms. Sarah currently resides in the beautiful mountains of Knoxville, TN and we are proud to have her as part of our team.