Renfro Excavating Website

Newly launched website for Renfro Management that will fully showcase their skill set from large contracts with mining reclamation and roads being built with large equipment to the small dozer work in farm and residential areas that are needed in the tri-state area.  They have an amazing business plan with the equipment and manpower to succeed.  Now they have the online platform to increase their market awareness in the Kentucky - Indiana - Illinois - Tennessee area.  If you need dirt moved, you want to select Team Renfro!  Thank you for choosing to work with us here at Team CMR Inc.

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Rooster's Beef - Local & KY Proud

I love a success story and being part of one is even better.  Working with this family farm as they built a brand and a business model was a pure joy and I have to say that the pride I feel for what they have accomplished in such a short time is overwhelming.  Their website is up and they are taking orders but we they are not doing on-line payments as yet as everything is still hand weighed and can't be preselected for pricing determination.  Which is great as it shows just how local this business is.  In spite of the extra steps they are moving at lightning speed selling All Natural - Kentucky Proud Beef raised right here in Western Kentucky and Pork which will be available in select restaurants as well as on the website!  We helped them with their logo and built the website keeping it personal and true to their family origins.  If you've never had Rooster's Beef - you've never had great beef before.  It will change how you view the beef at the family table.  They guarantee it 100% or your money back.  Not something you hear everyday!  Check out their website and give them a call.  You'll be pleased with the results.  That I promise!  - Marion M Miller

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Old City Subs Launched

Old City Subs created an affordable solution for his website needs. This amazing sub shop in St Augustine, Florida now has a website that showcases his signature shop and corners the market on Best Sub Shop. That's right, he now owns it....the name and is in position to franchise if and when he is ready. James Gedris is an entrepreneur to watch.


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