WHY CMR? Because you need a trusted partner to empower you to make the right choices for your business.

Complete Marketing Resources, Inc. in Madisonville Kentucky was built for one empower businesses by giving them all the information they need to grow their business and a choice in going forward by changing what they have or using a new "in house" marketing partner with experience that will treat their business goals as if it were their business.  There is no other business out there like us.  We have PROVEN Results and look for ways to save you money.
NO Contracts. We like to earn our customers and therefore do not need contracts!

Very different approach yet the right path to success for everyone so it works well.  We have been exceptionally successful in accomplishing this goal for every partner we've worked for.  The initial costs are often LESS than what our customers had been paying.  Some times they are a bit more for a short time as we streamline but once we get things in order, our customers are amazed at their savings and their growth.  A WIN-WIN I like to say! We love saving you money and having another very happy customer to add to our testimonials and you have more money in your pocket & business growth.

Just because you've always paid more doesn't mean you need to continue to do so.  Costs have gone down as online marketing has taken over the market and that means serious savings for you.  If you have a website that works exceptionally well, your online directory listings are claimed and working as advertising portals and your social media is tied into your website then it can simply be a GOOGLE AdWords campaign or marketing to your existing customer base that is needed for advertising.  On your website, work on your SEO while pumping up the social media side. can be that EASY

Are you pleased with your current business growth ROI?   If not, then let us provide you with a FREE analysis of what it takes to WIN.  We can review your current program and advise you of your strengths and weaknesses in today's market. See how easy it is to have a professional team to market and provide a brand identity for your business that will look at your business as if it is theirs!
Read our reviews to see what our customers say.

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TOP 20 GOVERNMENT WEBSITE 2016  |  TOP 10 AUTOMOTIVE WEBSITES 2015 & 2016.  We design award winning websites and are known for innovative and functional designs that fit your individual style and business goals. Your website should function as an efficient team member promoting your products and services and be the MOST effective marketing tool you have.  It is your customer's first impression of you and your business, effectively your storefront.   Your website also is key in gaining new business, remember GOOGLE is using the contents and your online reputation in ranking you for their customers and deciding IF they should recommend you over another business.  Having a website is the most important part of your business growth and should promote all products or services, process information and requests, be mobile friendly, share news in an instant and address the needs of your customers with one platform. Don't take our word for it read our customer testimonials. and look at our client websites. Trust us to provide you with a look that is right for your business.

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GOOGLE states content is KING in SEO (Search Engine Optimization).  Our clients are seeing big dividends and growth in their GOOGLE Rankings as a result of their active news sections within their websites.  Going forward to compete online you have to be the best with the newest information and the most in depth information.  To accomplish that you must have an active news section in your website and with our program you can add a news article to your website in MINUTES in 3 EASY STEPS. (With Photos, Embedded Videos, PDF Forms, Start/End Dates).   Our CMR EasyNews is available NOW for content management websites. 

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CHECK YOUR BUSINESS FOR ERRORS! The average is 54-127 ERRORS! Our CMR SMART List controls 72 Online Directories.  (Yelp, Yahoo, Google, iPhone, MapQuest, Yellow Pages, Super Pages, & Many More).  Each mobile app has a different directory and left alone they simply create what they "think" is right.  We can FIX the errors!  ELIMINATE duplicate listings.  ADD information about your business, photos, brands, services, a logo, special.  NOW IT IS AN ADVERTISING VENUE!  $300/MO  See your FREE Site Review

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24 years experience and a proven record for increasing sales and decreasing costs while acting as a virtual Marketing Department for our clients. Each business is unique with individual goals so there is no one size fits all solution. Our online AdWord campaigns are unique in that we are target specific with your business and do not include any negative keywords.  Many companies actually include the business name in their AdWord campaigns, which looks great on paper, but provides no value as your website and Google listing are already there.  We also evaluate your campaigns continually to ensure your website is not on the page naturally through SEO growth changes.  Here we evaluate everything - often!  After all, we look at your money as if it were ours, and we like to streamline budgets and gain market share.  Let us provide you with a FREE QUOTE!

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Complete Marketing Resources, Inc. (CMR, Inc.) specializes in online marketing, consulting, award winning and functional website design, search engine optimization (SEO), and proprietary content management programming while providing measurable savings and results.  

Expect great customer service, fair pricing, and a unique viewpoint.  We look at each project with the goals set to achieve results, stay on budget, deliver on time, and most importantly streamline your expenses. Each job is exciting and unique so we work hard to deliver results and the result is a growing business with great customer referrals and testimonials.  Read Testimonials   READY TO GET STARTED? 
GET A CUSTOM QUOTE HERE  or contact Marion M Miller, President:   (270) 339-4176   |   This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


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