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Very professional and knowledgeable.

I have used CMR for various websites and have been highly pleased in all areas. Marion M Miller and her associates are very professional and knowledgeable. They are the complete package, from the inception of your website to the completion. I would highly recommend them to anyone wanting to have a highly successful and productive website. - Charlene C.

Customers come first at CMR!

Customers come first at CMR! Great websites! Low price on websites and hosting. Excellent on Smart Listing to get clients improved selling results. - Carri C.

They do great work!

They do great work! They always answer our questions, and they never overcharge. THAT is good service! - Cleta F.

Up $30,000 Thank you CMR

We looked at our numbers and are up over $30,000 January 2017 over 2016 with a change in traffic pattern.  At first I was concerned as I was seeing less of my coupon traffic but I was seeing new faces and they were bringing their pets which was a big difference!  My new website advertises pet friendly and family friendly with wifi.   Marketing to the millennials and is working!  Great ideas and effective!  Ray Bowen at Kwik Kar Vista Ridge.  

Honest & Fast

Dropped our vehicle off to be looked over and was called to tell me everything looks good. They could have easily "found" something wrong with it and charged me money. They didn't! Honest, hard working people! -Rivjerand K.

Great new look and I really like it

My new home page really pulls you in and having testimonials as well as my sandwiches the focus of the site will bring new customers into my shop especially here in St Augustine where we have so many new faces during the high tourist season. -James Gedris, Owner Old City Subs | Website: http://bestsubsandwich.com

TOP 10 Automotive Website for 2015 by AutoInc Magazine

We had a comprehensive website but wanted the BEST and we feel our results show we made exactly the right choice! Marion not only reviewed our website but made suggestions to streamline programs, decrease costs, and increase business. Having one of the top 10 websites in the country shows just how much her team cares about our business plus we really enjoy working with Marion who is enthusiastic and solves problems fast making it all seem so EASY! If we need something, we call her first!www.menkesauto.com today!  - Vern & Barb Menke