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Website Ideas and Goals

Every aspect of your marketing and advertising program starts with a design layout, logo, or marketing message then you ask yourself the hard questions starting with online marketing as it is the easiest and most cost effective way to market your business or products.  FIRST everything I am going to review is an easy fix with today’s technology and affordable so Do Not Panic we are going to work through the process with you step by step.  Whether we do the changes for you or you choose another company, it is important to review this website information and consider making sure your website works to the best advantage of your business plan.  Look at your website from the viewpoint of the customer and see if it is easy to use and where it comes up for a Google or Yahoo search.   Do you have enough information for the potential customer to find everything on your website and is there a direct path to order or contact you?  As fast as Internet use is growing your business needs to be online “successfully” and together we are going to get answers to your questions.


Budget, Goals, Look?

Set your goals and those search engine words or phrases you want to be successful with.  You want results from your website I am sure so you need to put time and effort into it as well. Your market area potential is global with an effective website.   Review your website and make a list of what products or services should be changed or expanded based on your current business goals.  If your website is supposed to be a work horse, then lets build that aspect into it now.  We can set the website engine to ensure your goals even on a small budget then work on the graphics and expand the content when budget allows.  Always set the foundation with a mind to future growth. 

How many new customers will it take to pay for the website design?  Decide on your average customer sales and profitability then decide what level of design and functionality you need from your website.  If you are only building a website for the professional online resume, then your goal is still gaining customers so every decision needs to be based on this answer.

Analyze your website, is your website easy to navigate? Do you like your website?  The graphics?  The way it works?  When you look at information online it should be easy to find and navigate. Simply travel through your website and see if your contact page works correctly and if the pages link correctly. Review your business and inventory to see what works each year, do the same with your online business website. Keep in mind the way you navigate sites and what is convenient to you in deciding what changes in website navigation are important for your business.  Give us ideas on what you would like based on other sites and what you want to achieve.  Below are some easy guidelines for website design.

Set your color range & style Do you like the colors you have now and what if any of the graphics? 

Decide Responsive Website Design? If your website is to work for you, then you have to provide the tools and everyone is using a multitude of Smart phones, net books, and computer screen sizes so be ready with a responsive design. 

Set your menu-navigation,  Home Page  |  About Us  |  Contact Us Page (with mapping)  |  Services & Products  |  News Section  |  Testimonials  These are the top 6 you should include so be ready with the information you need. 

Remind yourself that number of pages and build-out are where your cost is, the amount of data you want on the page is secondary.  If you include all your information in a document where we can copy the information, then it does not take any longer to add more content and does not increase the cost.  If we have to type it all in then of course that is another matter.  Your website search engine optimization will depend on the amount of information you include and how it is tied together as a whole so ADD Information.  

Start thinking about a content management news section,  Building a news section is a smart decision as all websites are moving to that to keep their customers engaged and interested in their business.  Today and always, your customer recommendation is the best form of advertising!  A news program will allow you to share messages, specials, and events that are the base of your business with one program in literally minutes.  It's fun and easy with our Easy News System and automatically feeds into your facebook and twitter! 

Start using your website address now on everything, Include your website online information in all your advertising to include billboards, radio, print, business cards, email signatures. Advertise with websites that have large traffic counts and keep in mind message, message, and message! Your online advertising should be short and effective so think of it as a billboard that you can read and understand in 3 seconds. Repetition is the key as well as you want to be available when they are interested so the same rules of advertising apply with online advertising.   

What are major factors to consider in determining my online marketing approach?

  • Business Growth: Where do you want your business to grow?  What types of customers are the most profitable for you?   
  • Goals for the Target Audience: Who should the website serve and what are the goals for each group?   
  • Success Factors: What will be the measures of success of this project?   
  • Return on Investment (ROI): Which post-launch services will effectively serve your website’s needs? Optimized Press Releases? Search Engine Optimization? Pay-Per-Click?   
  • Existing Branding: Pull together all of your media pieces from print to radio and television and compare your message and branding of your business.  Is it the same?  Is the message clear?  Does it provide the potential customer with a solution to their issue?  Allow response from the potential customer?
  • Redesign Pitfalls: How do we avoid confusing your legacy clients or even the search engines with your new site if you decide a complete overhaul in look and layout are necessary?   
  • Current Site Statistics: What is the current traffic results for your website?  What pages or information are accessed most often?  What key words are associated with your site?  What is your site ranking with major search engines?  Where do you want your rankings to be?    
  • Online/Offline Marketing Strategies: Are your advertising and marketing efforts "Webcentric?" Or is it easy to follow and simply needs to be more results driven to suit your business goals?

How well do you know your customer and your target market? How well do your customers and your prospective customers know you? Complete Marketing Resources Inc research can provide you with valuable marketing information that can help you target market to your most qualified potential customers.

Contact us for more information and to find out how CMR Inc’s market research services can help you improve the effectiveness of your online presence and promotions strategies.  We will work with you to ensure that we have a comprehensive understanding of the processes and goals of your business. We consider a number of factors that may contribute to the success of your interactive project.  A few of these include:  

If you are looking for solutions and a better return on your media investment?  Consider Complete Marketing Resources Inc’s in-house media production services offer our clients a cost-effective solution for developing professional and highly effective media projects.


Complete Marketing Resources, Inc. (CMR, Inc.) specializes in online marketing, consulting, award-winning and functional website design, search engine optimization (SEO), and proprietary content management programming while providing measurable savings and results.  

Expect great customer service, fair pricing, and a unique viewpoint.  We look at each project with the goals set to achieve results, stay on budget, deliver on time, and most importantly streamline your expenses. Each job is exciting and unique so we work hard to deliver results and the result is a growing business with great customer referrals and testimonials.  Read Testimonials  

CALL:  (270) 245-2365  |   This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


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