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Advertising Successfully

Advertising Successfully

Complete Marketing Resources functions as a full service advertising agency and will get you the best advertising placement and saturation for your money with our purchasing power.  We can also custom design your advertising print, radio, or TV advertising for you effectively while saving you money.  Secure the CMR Inc team for your advertising needs and lets start growing your business while streamlining costs today. 

 What are your advertising options in the your market?

  • Radio Stations:  Establish listening audience, costs, range, preferential advertising buys, specials, added value available, (:30) second or (:60) second spots.  Station Promotion interaction packages.  Your production costs are generally included in the advertising buy.
  • Radio Stations Online:  Cost, Unique IP Addresses, growth statistics over past 12 months. Here you will usually need to provide your own graphics however, you can often use your radio media spot with some placements.
  • Newspaper Print Product:  Circulation, advertising costs, specials available, graphic talent, and look at their history of last 3 years circulation vs. cost per column inch to establish their readership. 
  • Newspaper Online Product:  Cost, Unique IP Addresses, Placement, Creative, Pages Read Monthly and statistics for growth over past 12 months to establish if they are growing quickly or not.  
  • Area Sponsorships:  Often your billboard or advertising sponsorship of a program will provide you with valuable real estate billboards or name recognition for your business.
  • Television:  Establish the local cable market, station selections vs. regional stations and costs which will be on all stations plus satellite television stations.  With a long term contract production costs can be negotiated. Discuss special offers and sponsorships with tag lines during news programming.
  • Network Programs such as HGTV, History Chanel, Discovery, and A&E are making great strides in gaining market share with such hot shows as Pawn Stars, Swamp People, House Hunters, Storage Wars, and other shows which have possible advertising options for your market area by network cable.
  • Email Marketing:  Do you have a current list of your client's email addresses? It is a valuable marketing tool if not over used to contact clients about "Special Events and Opportunities or Buying Tips" by email
  • Point of Sale Marketing:  Do you have cross marketing options such as flyers or product displays set up?
  • Social Media Marketing:   Have a business page set up and use it to market your business. If you have a website use it to feed your social media program with a Content Management System.
  • Every Door Direct Mail EDDM: Postage is 14.5 cents per piece and production costs are affordable at $588 for 1,000 pieces and the best part of the program is it has to be over-sized mail postcards giving you the option to really make your mail piece pop. You can direct it to a specific address area, by route, business address or residential. This is one of my favorite ways for small business to market their business in a local area and exceptionally affordable.  We can print the pieces and have them sent to you and determine the route numbers and area of coverage that is best for you. You then take the pieces and a check for 14.5 cents per piece to the local post office of record. Limitations at this time are that if you are a regional business it is not an option for you as you must bring.
  • Direct Mail:  If you want to reach a larger market you will need the direct mail approach and here cost is standard for mailing, however, production costs can be streamlined. Consider the junk mail you have and what you do open and use those ideas to build your direct mail program.  Postcards are easier to use and more visual. Using the same oversize approach as the EDDM will be effective but postage will be an issue. Either way quality is an important key as is visual graphics and message prominence. 

Why Frequency?

Advertise consistently and with as much frequency as your budget allows Keep IT Simple……Simple…..Simple and tailor your message to the advertising medium you utilize and its clientele. Consider your shopping patterns and how often you have to stop and remember where you found something? You want to be the first option when a consumer needs your product or services? This is the published newspaper frequency statement.

1ST   TIME you see or hear an advertisement….you do not see or hear it
9TH   TIME you wonder if it amounts to anything.
you think it “could be” a good thing.
you remember how you've “always” wanted it.
you complain about your poverty and why you can’t buy it now.
you see it…hear it….BUY IT.

Such brands as Coke and McDonald have been doing so for years through their advertising and marketing frequency.  How often have you put on the grocery list you need Coke but are buying their other brands or something similar? That is the goal for your advertising, to create the same type of Top of Mind Franchise. No marketing plan will work without continual repetition of message and to be effective it needs to be consistent across all your advertising placement. It will cost you more to establish a 2 week a month advertising run than it will to consistently advertise on that medium of onlchoice whether it be radio, TV, newspaper, weeklies, or billboards.  When there is a large break in marketing you essentially start over as other products and services are taking your place. Set your goal for brand awareness and keep it consistent. You can see how if you establish the initial frequency, it will be more cost effective to continue your advertising on a scheduled basis.


Complete Marketing Resources, Inc. (CMR, Inc.) specializes in online marketing, consulting, award-winning and functional website design, search engine optimization (SEO), and proprietary content management programming while providing measurable savings and results.  

Expect great customer service, fair pricing, and a unique viewpoint.  We look at each project with the goals set to achieve results, stay on budget, deliver on time, and most importantly streamline your expenses. Each job is exciting and unique so we work hard to deliver results and the result is a growing business with great customer referrals and testimonials.  Read Testimonials  

CALL:  (270) 245-2365  |   This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


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