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Check Out Our Feature in Fender Bender Magazine

At Complete Marketing Resources we are proud to work with shops across the nation to help make their social media more successful. We had the honor of working with the team at Fender Bender Magazine to provide some insight on what our clients have found to be the defining factors in growing their Facebook - Instagram platforms.  It comes down to one concept:  Personalize It!

In the feature owner, Marion Miller talks about various ways to keep customers engaged when posting on automotive shop social media accounts and it begins with creating a relationship with your customer by sharing who you are and what you do.  Not just the tips to educate them on how to make their vehicle last longer and watch for issues before they become major expenses but true sharing on birthdays and anniversaries.  What the shop dog or cat is doing or fun events that customers have done during the day (with their permission).  

You need to post frequently and RESPOND to reviews and questions they send out as the new social media is their version of the phone.  They expect a response from you as their "neighborhood" shop whether you are an automotive repair shop or donut shop.  

Another great tip is to personalize your responses and "TALK" to them vs at them.  Most posts are impersonal and aimed at Google backlinks and pushing information which is great. We need that for search engine optimization but to truly expand your social media platform you have to create an environment of sharing and caring.  

The final big tip is to bring some interest or incentive to the post with a great fundraiser for a local event or fun giveaway by having them respond to a post - answer a question - share your photo or comment!  Make it an interesting prize and you will have a social media page that grows and one you enjoy working with!  

For more great articles in Fender Bender Magazine by Melissa Steinken and the rest of the great staff of writers there visit their online edition or subscribe to https://www.fenderbender.com/digital-edition-July-2020  *Our feature is on Page 41 :) 


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