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VOTED TOP 10 Automotive Website 2010

VOTED TOP 10 AUTOMOTIVE WEBSITE (Year 2010) by AutoINC.org.  Our client's satisfaction is the number one priority although an award like this makes us very proud as well.  Menke's Automotive was voted by this outstanding website review board as being one of their TOP 10 picks.  Below is their article on the reasons why this makes the cut.

Update:  June 2015 New website launched and submitted!

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7 Reasons to Choose CMR Marketing

Do you enjoy working with advertising representatives, doing graphics, or working on your website?  Marketing a business today requires much more than printing a brochure and building a simple business website. You now need to figure out how your company can leverage social media, mobile devices, content marketing and many other strategies.  Where you could once bring on one marketing manager successfully, you now need several specialists to create and sustain the kind of marketing that will make you money. It's no wonder many entrepreneurial organizations are grappling with how to create and manage a marketing team and looking for a virtual marketing team such as Complete Marketing Resources Inc in Madisonville Kentucky.  It is the reason we built the company from the ground up combining all marketing services to streamline costs and make it easier for our clients.

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Making Your Business Successful

Complete Marketing Resources Inc is a Full Service marketing company based in Madisonville, Kentucky specializing in website design, commercial printing, advertising consulting, graphic design, and online marketing.  We have been exceptionally successful in saving our clients dollars and getting their online projects ranked highly very quickly by search engines.   Our full range of services and pricing enables clients to streamline their budgets conveniently while saving valuable time and delivering a virtual marketing team for their business.  You will find that CMR Inc will keep your website and graphics projects fine-tuned and running in the most affordable and professional way possible. 

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Find local rental listings and review your applicants "before renting" is what this site is all about.  Our soft launch of RentLOCAL.co was July 25, 2012 and already have 7 RentLOCAL Association members here in Hopkins County Kentucky.


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Client Trust in Business

Trust is like an eraser, it gets smaller and smaller with each mistake.  Always put the customer first and work dilligently to ensure every project is done with precision and quality. Business today is more challenging than ever and you often wonder what the answers are.  At CMR I don't have all the answers but this quote by an unknown author has helped me realize each project, each mistake, each challenge helps to form what and who we are today. 

“There are 5 things you need to know,” he told the pencil, “Before I send you out into the world. Always remember them and never forget, and you will become the best pencil you can be.”

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