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You Need a Website    The past five years has seen a growth in the Internet as a communication tool that has never been rivaled by any other medium. The printing press, the telegraph, radio, television … none of them grew into culture-transforming institutions as quickly as the Web. Almost every day we rely on it for keeping us connected across distances and quickly providing information that would have been obscure, at best, just years ago. The result of this information explosion is that business, industry, nonprofits and youth-service agencies can no longer view the Web as something only applicable to commercial businesses or Star Trek fans. In today's world, having a website is as important and necessary as having a cellphone. In fact, I'd argue that not having a site often comes across as "unprofessional" in the eyes of many potential volunteers, funding sources,and community partners. 

You Need a Website That Works    Having a website is not about keeping up with the status quo. It can be a powerful tool in the development of your organization. For a minimal investment, it can pay off in huge ways for even the smallest endeavor. A website can help your company or organization list products and services, sell items and process information or requests. You can share news and advancements in programs throughout your company or organization virtually in an instant both through your website and through automated updates to social media programs such as Facebook and Twitter. A well-done website can provide the most effective and public marketing for your program, acting as a portal through which people find out about what you are doing, and then participate. Today, a website is one of your best tools for ensuring the long-term viability and success of your mentoring program.  I invite you to look at our client testimonials and see their results.  

We are a high-performance website design company

You've made the decision that you need a professional website or your current site redone to ensure optimal results in marketing your business or services. Working with Complete Marketing Resources Inc. will be easy and fun — simply get in touch with us via our Contact Us page or call (270) 245-2365 for a free consultation. We will discuss your short-term and long-term goals, and we can customize a program that fits your specific business needs. We know the constraints of a small business budget and the very real need to control costs and ensure profitability in today's market and will outline the costs and scope of project very clearly for you to review. Our office is located in Madisonville, Kentucky. Give us a call and find out why our customers have become our best advertising!  

Are you looking for solutions and a better return on your media investment?  Complete Marketing Resources Inc.’s in-house media production services offer our clients a cost-effective solution for developing professional and highly effective media projects.

Standard Website Design – This website design program is for businesses who are just starting to work on having an online presence and conserving costs. Intended for clients with a smaller budget and less complex site architecture, this design level provides a professional, though not 100% unique, Web presence with a lower cost and faster development timeline. Standard Website Design starts at $989

Custom Website Design – With unique website design and navigation, a CMR Inc. custom-designed site is developed totally from the ground up, just for you.  Custom Web design is for clients who need a strong branding presence or who have unique site organizational needs. CMR’s graphic artists often create multiple mock-ups before settling on the best, most effective Web design.  Combining CMR’s award-winning websites with custom content management tools and search engine optimization produces award-winning results.  Custom Website Design starts at $3800

Premium Website Design – Our premium sites include customized end user programming, such as building large shopping carts and specialized listing programs or online newspapers with advertising potential. These sites are exceptionally customized to your specific needs and revenue-based sites. Pricing is dependent on your needs and must be quoted on an individual basis.


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Complete Marketing Resources, Inc. (CMR, Inc.) specializes in online marketing, consulting, award-winning and functional website design, search engine optimization (SEO), and proprietary content management programming while providing measurable savings and results.  

Expect great customer service, fair pricing, and a unique viewpoint.  We look at each project with the goals set to achieve results, stay on budget, deliver on time, and most importantly streamline your expenses. Each job is exciting and unique so we work hard to deliver results and the result is a growing business with great customer referrals and testimonials.  Read Testimonials  

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